Orla Prendergast
Domestic- Economic Teacher

Mariagrazia Teaches with a passion for healthy raw food dishes.

Her enthusiasm is infections. She inspired the students who attended her raw food demonstration to include new dishes in their diet and also to broaden their choice of every day foods.

Adriana Turolla - Accountant-

I approached almost a year to Raw50 advice and recipes by Mariagrazia Traverso, simple and quick recipes!

I feel better about my abdomen is deflated nice and I do not deny that a little ‘less weight makes me feel more at ease!

Maria Iacomino - Primary Teacher

Thank Raw50 I found recipes appetizing and fast my daughter Alice during Raw50 cooking demonstrations  with Mariagrazia and ‘even managed to taste and appreciate the raw green-beans, and this for us is something extraordinary since my daughter eats very little vegetables and fruit 😉

Matt Traverso
Health Coach

“In just these last 4 years Mariagrazia has been able to create her own unique style. Raw50 is the testimony of this. She knows how to tweak a recipe to make it healthier and tastier. She doesn’t weigh the ingredients…she just knows. I admire her passion but also her fabulous vibrant energy. She is clearly in tune with nature. ” Matt Traverso, Health Coach.

Mairead Desmond
Retired Teacher

I participated in Raw50 healthy cooking class with Mariagrazia and I really enjoyed some tantalizing gluten free recipes.

Maria’s secret? cooking with genuine and carefree pleasure.

Mairead Collins - Primary Teacher-

Mariagrazia is dedicated to spreading the message that “we are what we eat”. Knowing the theory behind so many health facts, Mariagrazia practices what she teaches with enthusiasm and imagination!

Thanks to Mariagrazia, I have learnt how to transform the most basic, raw natural fruit and vegetables to the most delicious, heart-warming dishes – for a healthier, more energetic , more positive lifestyle.


Sarah Alice Tubridy

I thoroughly enjoyed Mariagrazia’s Class. I made new friends as well as healthy new takes on dishes like vegetarian lasagne and gluten free pizza. I learned how to make some great raw desserts that are tasty and guilt free!

Geraldine Collins

I enjoyed Raw50 healthy cookery course immensely, Mariagrazia’s love of cooking and knowledge of food is amazing. I learned loads and had great fun at the same time!!!would highly recommend!! 🙂

Valda Rumley
Interior Designer

 Time and time again no matter what dish Maria prepares and cooks for me I cannot resist delivering my one liner…”Whatever you put in it … don’t change it!! “


Clo O’Leary

Studied Master’s Degree at Henley Management College

My 7-year-old daughter Lexi loves Maria’s Italian Cookery Camps – she has learned so much in a fun environment. 🙂


Angelica Amante
Researcher- Universidad Nacional de Córdoba

I attended with my twelve-year-old daughter at the healthy cooking class, and I can say that the course was super fun and dynamic, full of new ideas and concepts that Mariagrazia did not spare to give to each class. Share this with my daughter, was significant cause united us in order to improve our daily diet, thus erasing ‘the preconception that healthy,’ equivalent to taste bad and sad dishes. I invite everyone to participate in this course that has given us a very positive experience. Thanks, Raw50 🙂

Although I have run restaurants in the past, it ‘was surely help learning new and more’ healthy recipes of Mediterranean cuisine and raw food with my daughter in law Mariagrazia Traverso