Tomato Vegan Soup

Print Recipe Tomato Vegan Soup This soup is not for everyone, I like it a lot, but my kids not really, they don't really appreciate the green pepper flavour, instead I like it! Fresh tomatoes are so good in the soup, you could use instead, the tomatoes can, but...
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Vellutata Nettle Vegan Soup

Print Recipe Vellutata Nettle Vegan Soup The spring is in the air and therefore also the nettles are growing with all amazing nutrients in the wood, it's time to make Nettle soup! This recipe is my workhorse when I run my chef camps with kids with nettle soup I...
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Lentil Curry Dip

Print Recipe Lentil Curry Dip If you like filling up your sandwich with hummus or healthy dip, this is your recipe! I made it last night for my family and today they had it on their sandwiches for lunch in school. Wow! my husband and my kids loved it...
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Lentil & Walnut Pate’

Print Recipe Lentil & Walnut Pate' I simply love this pate', a month ago I was invited to a raw- vegan party, the buffet' was full of tasty amazing dishes, but I've been hooked from a lentil pate' made from a hectic vegan lady Vicky McGlennon Phelan, who run...
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Ramen Vegan Broth

Print Recipe Ramen Vegan Broth I love oriental style food, I think can be very healthy, first of all, if it is homemade, this japanise broth it's really healthy, full of veggies, see weeds, besides kids love it 🙂 Cuisine Asian, japanese, Nutritarian, Plant Based Diet, Vegan Prep Time...
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Vegan Corn Chips

Corn chips 1
Print Recipe Vegan Corn Chips Prep Time 8-10 minutes Cook Time 45 minutes Servings people Ingredients 300 gr fresh sweet corn or frozen or from a can3 garlic cloves1 small onion6 tbsp extra virgin olive oil1 tsp of sea salt1 tsp cumin seeds1\2 tsp coriander powder1 tsp organic cayenne...
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