Raw Shamrock Pie

Print Recipe Raw Shamrock Pie - St. Patrick's day- This is an amazing recipe, a very tangy raw pie, have fun and make this pie with your kids, as you can see the picture is not great! The light was poor, anyway, this is my kid's recipe they made...
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Raw Curry Veggies Dip

Print Recipe Raw Curry Veggies Dip Today my lovely friend Charlotte, invited me for lunch at Karen's house, an amazing mother and an established physiotherapist, everyone made a dish and I made my vegan brown bread plus this Raw Curry Veggies Dip, I wasn't really sure if they would...
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Pear Green Smoothie

Print Recipe Pear Green Smoothie Ciao healthy friends! Now is the time to eat loads of pears!! They are in season! and don't forget to try this tasty appetizing green smoothie!! Yummy!! Cuisine Italian, Mediterranean Prep Time 5 minutes Servings people Ingredients 2 ripe pears1 ripe avocado1\2 celery stalk1\2...
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