Raw Shamrock Pie

Print Recipe Raw Shamrock Pie - St. Patrick's day- This is an amazing recipe, a very tangy raw pie, have fun and make this pie with your kids, as you can see the picture is not great! The light was poor, anyway, this is my kid's recipe they made...
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Raw Energetic Balls -Vegan-

Print Recipe Raw Energetic Balls -Vegan- This is an amazing recipe very fast and totally satisfying, rich in protein! Hemp protein is my favourite protein, I really like to use it also in my smoothie, the taste is very nice. Hemp seeds have remarkable properties, hemp protein has a...
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Raw Sesame Seed Bars

Print Recipe Raw Sesame Seed Bar This is one of my favourite recipe for making the most delicious raw bars, my daughter pushed me one day to make these healthy bars for all her school mates, (35 kids), I can tell you that has been a great hit!! 🙂...
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American Pumpkin Pie (Vegan)

Print Recipe American Pumpkin Pie (Vegan) Hey! it is almost Thanksgiving celebration day! Why don't you try this super yummy vegan pumpkin pie version? Pumpkin pie brings me back to the memory of my holidays in the United States, I straight fell in love for this delicious pie! Here...
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Vegan Polvorones

Print Recipe Vegan Polvorones These Polvorones cookies are simply super yummy and very easy to make, don't add any liquid to the dough, even if you had the feeling might need. Combine your ingredients using your hands and you will see that the dough will get shape. It's not...
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Raw coconut ice-cream

Super yummy raw coconut ice-cream
Print Recipe Raw coconut ice-cream Place in the fridge for few hours the coconut milk can. After few hours place in your blender the coconut milk. First, drink the water of your young coconut and then scoop it up the meat and add it into your blender. Add the...
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