Raw Curry Veggies Dip

Print Recipe Raw Curry Veggies Dip Today my lovely friend Charlotte, invited me for lunch at Karen's house, an amazing mother and an established physiotherapist, everyone made a dish and I made my vegan brown bread plus this Raw Curry Veggies Dip, I wasn't really sure if they would...
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Vegan Meat Loaf

Print Recipe Vegan Meat Loaf Cuisine American, Ethiopic, French, Italian, Mediterranean, Plant Based Diet, Vegan Prep Time 15 minutes Cook Time 40 minutes Servings people Ingredients 1 onion3 garlic cloves1\4 cup extra virgin olive oil2 tsp berbere' spice1\2 kg green beans250 gr white button mushrooms400 gr red kidney beans...
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Raw Vegan Guacamole

guacamole up
Print Recipe Raw Vegan Guacamole Guacamole is a gift from gods!! It's an amazing dish that lends itself to various interpretations 🙂 The famous Mexican guacamole sauce is a very old based avocado dressing, whose recipe dates back to the time of the Aztecs. Prep Time 8 minutes Servings...
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Raw Pizzaiola Cheese

Print Recipe Raw Pizzaiola Cheese This is a cheese with a very strong Italian flavour, you can touch up the recipe as you prefer...but a very interesting advice is: do not swap black olives with green olives...it won't really work!! Cuisine African, American, Ethiopic, Franch, Irish, Italian, moroccan, Spanish,...
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Vegan Corn Chips

Corn chips 1
Print Recipe Vegan Corn Chips Prep Time 8-10 minutes Cook Time 45 minutes Servings people Ingredients 300 gr fresh sweet corn or frozen or from a can3 garlic cloves1 small onion6 tbsp extra virgin olive oil1 tsp of sea salt1 tsp cumin seeds1\2 tsp coriander powder1 tsp organic cayenne...
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Moroccan Hummus

Print Recipe Moroccan Hummus Cuisine moroccan, Plant Based Diet, Vegan Prep Time 8 minutes Servings people Ingredients 500 gr chickpeas boiled or 1 chickpeas can1\2 red pepper2 garlic cloves1 lemon juice1\2 small onion1 tsp cumin seeds1\2 tsp coriander powder1\2 tsp pink salt or sea salt3 tbsp sesame seeds1 tbsp...
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Pasta and Cauliflower

Paste and cawliflower
Print Recipe Pasta & Cauliflower The recipe: pasta and cauliflower is a dish from Naples, which has ancient historical roots dating back to the greek-Roman period. This recipe has been enriched over the centuries with the influence of different cultures that have taken place during various dominations of the...
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Raw Vegan Burger

Simply beautiful...
Print Recipe Raw Vegan Burger Gently remove from the stalk of the mushroom the head, wash and dry the mushrooms. In a bowl add 2 garlic chopped, 5 tbs of olive oil, soy sauce, 1 tsp of dry oregano and balsamic vinegar Let marinate the heads mushroom in the...
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