Hummus With Red Pepper

Print Recipe Hummus With Red Pepper This is a classic hummus recipe with a touch-up, my daughter loves this hummus because she likes the back flavour of the red pepper, if you really like red peppers, you should try this recipe! Besides fresh basil leaves and coriander give it...
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Tofu -Homemade-

Print Recipe Tofu -Homemade- How to make Tofu - Today I'm really happy to prepare with you an "Essential", recipe, but at the same time fun. The realisation of tofu, one of the key foods and used in the vegan diet. Tofu, so-called bean curd, you can prepare at...
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Bella Charlotte Pie

Print Recipe Bella Charlotte Pie This oriental style pie takes the name from my friend Charlotte who came back recently from her holidays in India. Two weeks ago she invited me for a special vegan dinner and voila'! after a fragrant dinner of different kinds of salads to a...
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Raw Strawberry Cheesecake

Print Recipe Raw Strawberry Cheesecake This dessert is very gratifying, for those who make this cheesecake and those who eat it. When you have guests for dinner is nice to show off a sweet easy to make, fast, raw, healthy and really delicious. Enjoy !! 🙂 Cuisine American, English,...
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