Raw Shamrock Pie

Print Recipe Raw Shamrock Pie - St. Patrick's day- This is an amazing recipe, a very tangy raw pie, have fun and make this pie with your kids, as you can see the picture is not great! The light was poor, anyway, this is my kid's recipe they made...
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Raw Energetic Balls -Vegan-

Print Recipe Raw Energetic Balls -Vegan- This is an amazing recipe very fast and totally satisfying, rich in protein! Hemp protein is my favourite protein, I really like to use it also in my smoothie, the taste is very nice. Hemp seeds have remarkable properties, hemp protein has a...
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Raw Sesame Seed Bars

Print Recipe Raw Sesame Seed Bar This is one of my favourite recipe for making the most delicious raw bars, my daughter pushed me one day to make these healthy bars for all her school mates, (35 kids), I can tell you that has been a great hit!! 🙂...
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Bella Charlotte Pie

Print Recipe Bella Charlotte Pie This oriental style pie takes the name from my friend Charlotte who came back recently from her holidays in India. Two weeks ago she invited me for a special vegan dinner and voila'! after a fragrant dinner of different kinds of salads to a...
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Print Recipe Raw Chocolate Balls These raw chocolate balls are my after dinner treat! 🙂 I love them! I'm a kind of person who needs a little treat every day, therefore what is better than a super yummy nutritious chocolate ball? 🙂 enjoy!! Cuisine American, English, Ethiopic, French, Irish,...

Raw Strawberry Cheesecake

Print Recipe Raw Strawberry Cheesecake This dessert is very gratifying, for those who make this cheesecake and those who eat it. When you have guests for dinner is nice to show off a sweet easy to make, fast, raw, healthy and really delicious. Enjoy !! 🙂 Cuisine American, English,...
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Raw Pumpkin Pie

raw PUMP pie
Print Recipe Raw Pumpkin Pie Prep Time 25 minutes Servings people Ingredients Crust Ingredients: 1 cup pecan nuts1 cup walnuts1\2 cup Almonds1\4 cup dry shredded coconut1\4 cup sesame seeds1\4 cup flax seeds1\4 cup oganic sultan1\2 cup Juice dates1\2 tsp cinnamon1\4 tsp nutmeg1\4 tsp pink salt For the Filling: 4...
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Raw Carrots Cake

Print Recipe Raw Carrots Cake In a food processor grind the walnuts and the pecans nuts till you turn them in crumbles. Add the dates, chia seed, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, salt and then you mix them together for a while. Place your glue dough in a bowl and then...
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