Japanese Udon Vegan Soup

Print Recipe Japanese Udon Vegan Soup I love oriental style food, I think can be very healthy, first of all, if it is homemade, I made up this japanise style soup and the result is great! it's really healthy, full of veggies, see weeds, besides kids loved it 🙂...
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Moroccan Hummus

Print Recipe Moroccan Hummus Cuisine moroccan, Plant Based Diet, Vegan Prep Time 8 minutes Servings people Ingredients 500 gr chickpeas boiled or 1 chickpeas can1\2 red pepper2 garlic cloves1 lemon juice1\2 small onion1 tsp cumin seeds1\2 tsp coriander powder1\2 tsp pink salt or sea salt3 tbsp sesame seeds1 tbsp...
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