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Ciao! My name is Mariagrazia Traverso, but my friends call me Maria, I’m Italian from Genova with a blend of Tuscan and Napolitan blood. The idea to build a cooking web site came because of my passion for food and healthy eating. As part of a typical, traditional Italian family, eating good food and meeting friends and family around a table has been the centre of my culture; unfortunately these customs sometimes are not healthy habits! I learned right away at my expense that the famous old saying “…One moment on the lips one year on the hips..” was totally true!! I spent most of my life fighting calories! Besides working in the show business the battle for me was extremely hard – sometimes frustrating!

Over the last 10 years, many good and bad things have happened in my life -, one of the most exciting being the birth of my son Amos. Two years later, my husband and I decided to have another baby – but had the bitter discovery that I could not have anymore children! Although I was a young lady I was entering menopause. This bad news totally shocked me!! Our dream of having a sweet baby girl was fading away…from that moment relatives and friends started to treat me as though I was sick! For me this meant : You are old my dear Maria!! I refused HRT and I went back to my brother’s books. For the first time, the sound advice of his words, of his slogan echoed  in my ears…” Eat what you would like to be…, let food be your medicine”.

Having previously done courses on macrobiotics, I now went to root out my old nutrition notes from the course I had done called “Healthy living” with Anthony Robbins. This time I took action and about four months later I found I was expecting! On the 3rd of February, 2008 my daughter Amarena was born!

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