Yield: 6 servings

1 medium pumpkin ( 5-6 cups uncooked chopped pumpkin)

1 small onion

4-5 garlic minced cloves 

1\2 lemongrass stalk

1 cup fresh coriander

1 – 2 tbs red curry paste

1 tbs organic curry powder

1 tbs organic turmeric powder

4 tbs coconut oil

1 can coconut milk or 1\2 l. thick homemade coconut milk

sea salt

1 tsp minced fresh ginger

1 cup water

1 lime

1\4 cup chopped roasted peanuts for serving

  • In a large pot make a saute’ with coconut oil, garlic and onion.
  •  When is gold add the pumpkin and fresh coriander, chopped lemongrass, fresh ginger, curry, salt,and the coconut milk.
  • let it cook for at least 30 minutes and if you need add the water and let it go for another 10 minutes.
  • With a hand blender smooth the soup and serve with a dust of chopped peanuts and lime juice.

TIP: Pumpkin is very watery so check if you need water or not. You can replace pumpkin with Butternut Squash, and probably is even better! Buon Appetito ! 🙂 

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