– 100g – of almonds
– 50g – 4 or 5 juce organic dates
– 1 lt filtered water

Combine all the ingredients in a blender and mix for few minutes drain in a cheese cloth or in a white linen tea-towel. Do not throw away the pulp! You can make lovely biscuits and cake!
Watch how to make it visit YouTube raw50.com Almonds Milk

Almonds: 100g

Calories: 576

Total fat:(g) 53(g)

Total carbs: 4,8 (g)

Protein: 19 (g)

Calcio (mg) 240 Cow milk (mg) 119

Dates: 50g

Calories: 121

Total fat.3.0 (g)

Sodium: 2,5 (mg)

Potassium: 375 (mg)

Carb.: 315,5 (g)

Vitamin A 0.25%

Calcium: 4,5%

|Iron: 7,5%

Protein: 13,5 (g)

Tot. Calories : 697, Tot. Protein: 32

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